Experts: Drug Resistance Thwarts Chances to Eradicate Malaria

Published: 18, February 2015

Options are running out in the race to eliminate malaria before the parasite responsible for the deadly disease completely outsmarts man's last line of resistance -- an herbal drug known as artemisinin.

“There are very few options and indeed there are very few drugs in the pipeline. So, really, we have one shot eliminating this disease," said Benjamin Rolfe, executive secretary of the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA).  "If we don’t eliminate in the next 15 years we will lose our tools, lose our armory and we are very likely indeed, almost certain, to see a resurgence of this disease in the Asia Pacific region and then, subsequently, in the African region.”

Rolfe called the situation "a global public health emergency.”

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An article published on Voice of America (VoA) website, 12 February 2015.  Steve Herman inteviewed Ben Rolfe in Bangkok.

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