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Asia Pacific Regional Regulatory Partnership for Malaria Elimination

31 Mar 2016 - 01 Apr 2016

The meetings will be designed to accelerate and strengthen regulatory approval processes by launching bilateral and multilateral collaborations between Stringent Regulatory Authorities, National Regulatory Authorities and partners. It will do so by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing key antimalarial treatments and diagnostic tests for regulatory review and approval;

  • Developing a model for regulatory collaboration through the experiences and learnings from the WHO Prequalification Programme, African Medicines Regulatory Harmonization, ASEAN collaborative work streams, and other similar interventions; and

  • Providing the Regional Regulatory Partnership with appropriate support, planning, oversight and accountability.

This forum will provide members with the opportunity to review progress, discuss challenges, set priority actions and announce new commitments. Members will then collaborate outside of the partnership forum to develop and execute them. Detailed work plans will be developed for guiding ongoing work after the conference.

The key outcome will be to accelerate the time to market for high priority, high quality technologies for malaria elimination without compromising the regulatory review process. While the focus of the partnership will be on malaria, there should be spillover impacts from streamlining and coordinating regulatory approval processes to medicines for other public health priorities, such as tuberculosis