Regional Financing for Malaria

The Regional Financing for Malaria Task Force is advising the APLMA on options to increase financing for malaria and other communicable diseases, and sustain and improve upon these achievements beyond 2015.

Objectives to be met by 2015:

1. Reduce malaria cases and deaths by 75 per cent from 2000 levels; and

2. Contain artemisinin resistant strains of malaria.

The RFMTF is:

  • Reviewing and updating estimates of funding needs and gaps,
  • reviewing impacts of proposed changes in the global financing environment,
  • featuring on the APLMA website;
  • assessing the case for expanding existing or developing new financing mechanisms, and
  • developing options and recommendations to mobilise and channel sustained financing for malaria in the Asia-Pacific region.

The RFMTF will explore options to ensure sustained financing for communicable diseases beyond malaria if appropriate given greater efficiency or leverage.

The RFMTF is collaborating with, and building upon the work of existing global and regional organizations and networks involved in control of malaria and other communicable diseases to avoid duplication and accelerate progress.

The RFMTF will be chaired by eminent persons with regional expertise in finance and fund utilization.

The RFMTF will comprise senior policy officials, experts and private sector members with interest and influence in improving regional financing for malaria and other communicable diseases, together with representatives of international and regional organizations and non-governmental organization with interest and expertise in financing for regional health initiatives, including the World Health Organization (WHO).

The RFMTF will consult with governments, the private sector and civil society, as appropriate.

APLMA convened the first meeting of the Regional Financing for Malaria Task Force (RFMTF) in Hong Kong on 12th May 2014. A Chairman’s Summary from that meeting provided useful direction in moving towards an Outcome Statement which was subsequently drafted, circulated and discussed in detail during an RFMTF virtual teleconference meeting convened on 27th June, 2014. The Outcome Statement recommendations were broadly agreed to by participants during the teleconference, and were refined and finalized in early July.

Meeting Dates Venue
1st RFMTF Meeting 12 May, 2014 Hong Kong, China