Request for Tender — Travel management services

Description Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA) Procurement for travel management services
Release Date 14 November 2018
Closing time for submission of tenders 28 November 2018, 5:00pm Singapore time
Offer Period Offers remain open for acceptance by APLMA three months after lodgement
Deadline for submission of questions 21 November 2018, 5:00pm Singapore time
APLMA Contact Jeff Smith, email:
Lodgement of Tenders

via Email: (documents sent must be in a PDF file)


Communicable Disease Threats Initiative, Incorporating Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance 11 Biopolis Way #04-10 Singapore 138667 (documents must be sealed in an envelope)

Products and services to be supplied

Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA) Procurement for travel management services


The Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA) is an alliance of Asian and Pacific heads of government formed to accelerate progress against malaria and to eliminate it in the region by 2030 or sooner. The Alliance was formed at the 2013 East Asia Summit (EAS) in Brunei in response to leaders’ concerns about the rising risk of malaria resurgence, in particular due to increasing drug resistant malaria in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

APLMA is a distinctive platform for collective regional leadership for malaria elimination and health security. Following endorsement of the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Elimination Roadmap by 18 Heads of Government at the 2015 EAS in Malaysia, APLMA will work to increase resources available for elimination, support leaders and senior officials in creating an enabling policy environment for elimination, and track progress against an agreed Dashboard.

APLMA works with and through national and international authorities to progress elimination. Specifically, to ensure leaders and their senior officials are informed of progress, of key enablers for success, and of risks to progress. APLMA works to assist in translating the collective will of the region’s leaders into coordinated action by relevant authorities. These are structured around the 6 Roadmap Priorities and articulated in the APLMA Secretariat Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

In implementing these priorities, APLMA:

  • Collaborates with partner organizations to progress the elimination agenda and to prioritize issues for leaders’ attention;
  • Conducts and commissions research to build the evidence base for effective interventions and to develop policy options;
  • Convenes multi-agency Task Forces to scrutinize, interpret and determine the implications of evidence;
  • Tracks progress against an agreed Dashboard; and
  • Advocates for the policy priorities established by EAS leaders, the World Health Organisation and Task Forces.

APLMA recognizes and complements country efforts led by national governments, as supported by the World Health Organization. It also acknowledges the large number of existing organizations working to reduce and eliminate malaria. APLMA facilitates high-level engagement on the building blocks for malaria elimination, including research, policy and program coordination, regulatory collaboration, finance and governance.

Purpose and Objectives

The objective of the contract is to ensure value for money outcomes in the procurement of travel management services.

The travel agent would provide end-to-end, 24/7 assistance with travel bookings and financial benefits through low transaction fees and competitively priced travel rates.

The contract is for a period of nine months from 1 January 2019 till 30 September 2019, with an option to renew for the next 12 months.

Scope of services

The Travel Agent will undertake the following tasks:

  1. Reserve onward air fare, hotel accommodation, car rental and travel insurance, where possible at discounted rates;
  2. Provide booking confirmation within pre-specified hours of receipt of request;
  3. Issuance of air tickets within pre-specified hours of receipt of request;
  4. Reconfirmation and revalidation of air tickets, re-issued tickets which are returned as a result of changed routing or fare structures;
  5. Emailing of travel itineraries showing complete information on status of reservations on all carriers and hotels;
  6. Delivery of air tickets as may be requested from time to time;
  7. Timely notification to travellers of airport closing, cancellations or delays in flights, and obtain any reimbursement which may be due on account of cancelled or reissued reservations and /or tickets;
  8. Information on country visa requirements, health, immigration clearance, other government restriction;
  9. Assistance in obtaining travel tax exemption certification, passports and entry visas to the countries;
  10. Investigation on any complaints from travellers, follow up on recovery of lost baggage, and facilitation of any insurance claims;
  11. Regular detailed reporting on the services provided, discount, travel patterns.

Deliverables and specifications

Either party will have the opportunity of terminating the contract with issue of one month’s notice.


Award of tender and contract signing
30 November 2018
Contracting period
1 January 2019 – 30 September 2019, with an option to extend another 12 months
Tender Evaluation Criteria

Value for money assessment

APLMA will conduct a value for money assessment based on the service proposal (weighting 50%) and price proposal (weighting 50%).

Tender Format

The Tender must be written in English and be not more than 10 pages long.

It must be provided in the following format:

Tenderer Details

  1. Legal entity and business name
  2. Tenderer’s contact who is authorised to represent and legally bind the Tenderer (name, address, email, phone)
  3. Registered office address and principal place of business
  4. Company profile

Service Proposal

The products and services offered or available must be fully described.

The following criteria are considered of fair importance in the evaluation of this tender:

  1. Responsiveness in emergency situations
  2. Ability to provide competitive fares
  3. Demonstration of unique selling points and additional benefits or services that are of value to APLMA
  4. Swiftness in processing of bookings
  5. Robustness of IT system to facilitate automation and improve efficiency

Price Proposal

An itemised breakdown of the charges or rates applicable for each service must be provided.


TYPES OF FEES Unit price Please indicate Remarks, if applicable, and indicate Not applicable Applicable if service is not provided
Domestic (KUL & PEN)
Budget Air
Airfare below S$500
Airfare between S$500-S$2,000
Airfare above S$2,000
Revalidation of ticket
Reissue of ticket
Refund - unused ticket
Refund - partially used ticket
24-Hours emergency call
Issuance of e-tickets
Urgent enquiries & travel arrangements
Normal processing
Urgent processing
e-Visa processing
Scheduled delivery time
After office hour delivery (before 9pm)
Urgent delivery within specific time
Airport delivery
In-house hotel rates
Hotels in GDS booking
Hotels not in GDS booking
Charge back
Car rental booking (excl car rental fee)
1-time setup fee
Maintenance fee
Provide economical options on travel insurance available and purchase of travel insurance upon request (exclude insurance premiums)
Processing airline loyalty redemption
Security Deposit
Credit term - days
Overdue payment interest
Standard report
Customized report


Description Unit Price Remarks

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